Kevin Gofron: Innovator and Entrepreneur

Kevin Gofron has been a successful businessman in the field of label making, packaging, and decals for over two decades. All the while, Kevin Gofron has been working with several teams in the technical side of product development, as well as in the territory of heading a team in the process of bringing a myriad of new products to the market.


From working as a chemist in the American Decal Company to a development manager in multiple labeling corporations, Kevin Gofron has done it all. In fact, Kevin Gofron has had so much success in bringing new products to market as a development manager, marketing manager, and sales manager, that he has been awarded for his innovation and efforts multiple times.


One such award was the esteemed Innovator of the Year award at Brady Corporation, where Kevin Gofron worked for over 15 years. Kevin Gofron was awarded this prize in 2002. The company recognized Kevin Gofron’s efforts in furthering the growth of Brady Corporation through his distinction in creating and enacting strategies for business and marketing in the Chicago Metropolitan Area.


Kevin Gofron strives to be an asset to any team he is a part of, and this is so in his work in the label making field. Kevin Gofron has managed teams, sales, and created strategies for the execution of countless product launches wherever he has worked.


Kevin Gofron has been part of teams that have launched brand new technologies that are still revolutionizing the label making business, such as TurnLock, patented by Avery Dennison Corporation, as well as high quality silver PVC pigments with the same company. Kevin Gofron believes that if we are not creating new technologies, then there is little point to working in a business that is trying to keep up with a changing world.


Kevin Gofron’s Company and the Launch of TurnLock

Kevin Gofron holds the position of Global Business Development Manager at Avery Dennison Corporation, where he remains an expert in the field of label making. In September of 2012, Kevin Gofron, along with the rest of his colleagues at Avery Dennison, announced the launch of TurnLock Laminating System, a new revolutionary technology in the label making business.


TurnLock is a particularly innovative new technology because, according to Kevin Gofron, TurnLock improves efficiency in lamination by 20%, as well as using 30% less material for the lamination process than standard lamination.


Kevin Gofron is enthused about TurnLock because of the multitude of new features that comes along with this exciting new technology. For example, TurnLock creates far less waste in its lamination process than standard graphics protection systems, a feature that Kevin Gofron notes is not only more environmentally sound but also reduces the overall cost of materials.


According to Kevin Gofron, TurnLock Laminating System is such an efficient technology that the failures present in conventional graphics lamination systems are completely eliminated with TurnLock. Such mishaps include a phenomenon that Kevin Gofron says is called “over-lamination,” a problem that encompasses many smaller issues, such as a lack of overall tension in the final product. These failed attempts often have to be thrown out, adding to waste and increased costs of production. According to Kevin Gofron, this is not the case with TurnLock.


What is the secret to TurnLock Laminating System? According to Kevin Gofron, the technology uses a turn bar along with printing techniques that do not deviate from what has already been established to work. With TurnLock, Kevin Gofron notes that the creation of graphics for products and goods is just as durable as conventional lamination, but because it uses far less material, TurnLock is just that much better.

Why Kevin Gofron Chooses LinkedIn for Networking

It is very important to Kevin Gofron that he maintains multiple active social networking profiles. Especially crucial to Kevin Gofron is his frequent updating of his LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a great platform for Kevin Gofron to succinctly and accurately show the trajectory of his career, from his early days as a chemist in the label making business, to his current position as a global business development manager with Avery Dennison Corporation.

LinkedIn is, to Kevin Gofron, the ideal social networking platform for creating and sustaining working relationships with other professionals who do business both in and out of his field. LinkedIn is a very useful way to use social networking to improve one’s reputation and increase their presence online, two reasons why Kevin Gofron chooses to network there.

Kevin Gofron knows that many companies and potential employers will specifically look up a person’s LinkedIn profile in order to see where they have worked and what they did there. For this reason, Kevin Gofron believes it is crucial to maintain a profile that details your job experience all in one place. LinkedIn, to Kevin Gofron, is like a resume that you can showcase, that changes with you as you work in different areas or take on different positions.

Networking with LinkedIn is the biggest reason that Kevin Gofron maintains his profile. LinkedIn is a valuable resource for finding potential clients and business partners, and for Kevin Gofron, that means that he is also able to become more visible as an esteemed professional in the field of label making. Kevin Gofron also finds that with LinkedIn he is able to keep track of what colleagues and friends in the business world are doing at work.

Kevin Gofron urges anyone who does not yet have a LinkedIn profile to start one up!

Kevin Gofron: Global Manager at Avery Dennison

Pressure sensitive adhesive label making has been Kevin Gofron’s life business pursuit for over two decades. At Avery Dennison Corporation, Kevin Gofron has enjoyed the continuation of his work of developing improvements in the field of label making.


At Avery Dennison Corporation, Kevin Gofron finds himself surrounded by a team of other successful professionals. Kevin Gofron is a top producer in his field and is situated in a company where he works with colleagues who share his passion and success in the manufacture and marketing of such products as pressure sensitive roll materials, reflective highway gear, graphic application films, and labels of multiple varieties.


Kevin Gofron began his work with Avery Dennison Corporation as a business development manager of metalure products, and then moved on less than two years later to adopt the title of global business development manager in labels and packaging, a definite step forward. Kevin Gofron refers to Avery Dennison’s products as “high end,” a term that means that Avery Dennison only produces the best of the best.


To Kevin Gofron, producing nothing but top of the line products is the most important work that he does. For this reason, when Avery Dennison launched the new TurnLock Laminating System in September of 2012, Kevin Gofron was thrilled to be part of the team behind its creation and eventual release. TurnLock, according to Kevin Gofron, is a revolutionary laminating system because it both reduces waste and increases efficiency in the lamination process substantially, meaning that not only is it more environmentally friendly than traditional systems, but it also reduces costs for its users.


Kevin Gofron’s business development positions at Avery Dennison mean that he is constantly a driving force behind the innovation behind new products such as TurnLock, as well as the manufacture and marketing, both domestically as well as overseas.

Hobbies and Leisure With Kevin Gofron

Kevin Gofron is a successful businessman who works hard in the field of label making. Outside of work, however, Kevin Gofron finds that it is very important to balance out his life with hobbies that fulfill him and make him happy.

For Kevin Gofron, one such hobby is social networking. Kevin Gofron maintains an active Facebook profile with which he keeps in touch with friends and family who are far away. Of course, Kevin Gofron has hobbies that exist outside of the online world.

Kevin Gofron has spent four years as a member of the Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America, which is important to him because of his love of the breed. Kevin Gofron loves the playfulness, friendliness, and energy of these dogs, which is why he is a member of this official dog breed recognition organization.

Above all else, however, Kevin Gofron’s main hobby is sport fishing. For Kevin Gofron, nothing in the whole wide world beats bass angler fishing, a sport in which he has been partaking for over a decade. Kevin Gofron is a member of both FLW Outdoors and the Illinois Bass Anglers Association. Membership of these two associations is important to Kevin Gofron because through these, he is able to connect to other bass anglers, compete in tournaments, and get to know his community.

Kevin Gofron’s enjoyment of bass fishing comes from the versatile nature of the sport. Depending on the day, atmosphere, or level of competitiveness, Kevin Gofron has found that bass fishing can be either completely relaxing or, in the moment when you finally hook a fish, what feels like the single greatest adrenaline rush in the world. As an added bonus to the pure fun of the sport, Kevin Gofron also jokingly notes that spending an entire day casting a fishing line over and over is a great way to improve your upper body strength.

Awards Received By Kevin Gofron

In his professional adult life, Kevin Gofron has worked for a multitude of corporations. Kevin Gofron has been in the business of developing decals, packaging, and label making for 22 years, from his beginnings as a chemist for the American Decal Company in the early 1990’s to his current position as global business development manager for label and packaging materials at Avery Dennison Corporation.

Between these two companies, Kevin Gofron spent some time working to manage project development at Weber Marking Systems and, even more notably, as a manager of product development, marketing, sales, and business development at Brady Corporation. While Kevin Gofron has now moved on to his current position at Avery Dennison Corporation, the years he spent at Brady Corporation were valuable, both to him and to the company.

Kevin Gofron’s time at Brady Corporation was characterized by his commitment to working as a team with his colleagues, as well as for his innovation in business and product development. Kevin Gofron has brought these skills and characteristics to his new position at Avery Dennison Corporation.

While at Brady Corporation, Kevin Gofron was awarded multiple awards for his great success, teamwork, and professionalism. The first award was the title of Principal of the Year for Brady Corporation by Hisco, which he received in 2001. The next year, in 2002, Kevin Gofron received two different awards. The first was that of Innovator of the Year, for his passion, entrepreneurship and new ideas. The second was that of Team Player of the Year. Kevin Gofron’s commitment to teamwork is so strong that the subsequent year of 2003 brought him the very same Team Player of the Year Award.

Kevin Gofron is humbled by these honors, and he feels lucky to have worked with a variety of smart and results oriented professionals throughout the trajectory of his whole career.

Kevin Gofron: Competing With FLW Outdoors

Outside of working as a professional of distinction in the label-making field, Kevin Gofron has been committed to the sport of bass fishing for over ten years. With FLW Outdoors, a bass fishing association of people involved in the sport of fishing across the country, Kevin Gofron fishes both recreationally and competitively.


Kevin Gofron has even traveled for competitions. In 2006, Kevin Gofron even traveled to Kentucky with a co-angler for a bass fishing competition that lasted several days. The two of them spent full days out on Lake Cumberland in a small motorboat, trying to catch any bass that swam by.


For Kevin Gofron, competing is an experience to learn, connect with other seasoned bass anglers, and try yet again to catch that perfect fish. While Kevin Gofron has never placed first in a competition, that does not mean he is going to stop trying. Kevin Gofron has always been enthusiastic about fishing, and he has no plans to stop now.


Competing is really only one portion of the drive to fish that is experienced by Kevin Gofron. This seasoned bass angler involves himself in multiple fishing-related endeavors, including, of course, recreational fishing, but also one of his favorite sport fishing activities of all time: teaching young children how to become seasoned bass anglers themselves.


For Kevin Gofron, working with children who are just learning how to fish and then sending them off to compete in youth competitions is the most rewarding aspect of his fishing hobby. Kevin Gofron loves to hear from young people who have learned from him and subsequently placed well in competitions, because he knows that anyone who has the drive and enthusiasm can learn to fish. Beyond competing, watching young people gain confidence and patience in the sport of bass fishing is the ultimate satisfaction for Kevin Gofron.