Kevin Gofron of the Illinois Bass Anglers Association

Kevin Gofron is a successful businessman who likes to celebrate his successes by spending evenings and weekends in the outdoors. For the past ten years, Kevin Gofron has enjoyed being a member of the Illinois Bass Anglers Association.

As a member of the Illinois Bass Anglers Association, Kevin Gofron has access to a network of bass anglers across all corners of the state. Members of the Illinois Bass Anglers Association are avid participants in the sport of bass fishing. As a member, Kevin Gofron loves being a part of his local bass fishing community. Kevin Gofron has made friends across the entire state in the association.

Kevin Gofron also loves to participate in competitions and tournaments hosted by the Illinois Bass Anglers Association. For Kevin Gofron, competing is not just about winning. As a competitor in bass fishing tournaments, Kevin Gofron has often been partnered with other seasoned anglers, which means that he has been exposed to a multitude of different fishing methods. Kevin Gofron notes that competing has been the best way for his fishing community to learn from each other and improve techniques.

The Illinois Bass Anglers Association hosts a Kids’ Fishing Day every summer, and Kevin Gofron is an active participant in these days, which are well attended by children and their families in the Illinois fishing community. Kevin Gofron loves getting to know the kids and teaching them new tips. Many of the children who attend are first-time bass fishers, and these novice young people are some of Kevin Gofron’s favorite community members. Kevin Gofron loves to be standing alongside a young person who is just catching his or her very first bass fish.

Kevin Gofron cannot recommend his sport of choice highly enough. He urges anyone with even a moderate interest in fishing to try it out, because he knows that almost everyone will find themselves to be “hooked!”


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